Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day part Deux

INCREDIBLE, another Snow Day!!
I did everything on yesterday's to do list except for the lesson plans but I added a nap. Above you can see what the kids did. They were outside in 30 minute increments during the day-building.
I am very happy to have another day at home but I have a little anxiety because of all the free time. Since I am usually going a million miles an hour, it feels strange and wrong to just relax. I am working on getting over that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!!

Sunday night, I was dreaming there would be a snow day on Monday. The snow fell all night but in the morning there was no cancellation. My first hour only had 8 students and the buses were 30 minutes late. Throughout the day, I had at least 5 students missing from each class. It continued to snow all day long. Paprika's volleyball practice was cancelled so we spent the evening eating chili, s'mores made in the fireplace and playing Left, Right, Center.

Monday night, I dreamed of no school on Tuesday. Now, it feels like Disney because dreams do come true. Here's my Snow Day to do list:
  • 30 minutes of yoga
  • 3 mile run (wish I had some snow shoes so I could run outside)
  • laundry (about 5 more loads and every stitch will be clean and that makes me happy)
  • finish TT's hat (which I started on Christmas break)
  • a few days of lesson plans
  • card making with Paprika (we love the Card Patterns blog)
  • Snow ball fight and fort building with TT
  • watch some bad daytime tv (I love my judge shows)

I know that making a to do list could be wrong on so many levels but having my own classroom has increased my Type A personality factors. I like the control of making lists and checking things off.