Monday, July 23, 2007

Midwest Mayhem

I know you came for the pictures so I will put them first.

It's so easy to meet great people at events like this. These are our new friends Richard and Sara.

Race Recap

Things I Loved-
  • Seeing Carrie when I came in for the bike transition
  • Traveling with Lia
  • Meeting some really fun, cool people (Sara, Adam, Richard and Russell)
  • I was more comfortable in the swim than I expected
  • My T2 was less than one minute
  • Putting on Lia's swim cap
  • A fish nibbled on my knee
  • My new pre-race ritual is tea for 2 and knitting
  • Wore my bra top the whole race and didn't feel self-conscience about my tummy
  • Seeing some really cool bikes and gear
  • My transition area with my Team Tabor bucket
  • They say your name at the finish line
  • Eating at Ingrediant
  • Shopping at T.J Maxx, Hobbs, and Urban Outfitters
Other Things-
  • The hills were brutal
  • The bike turn around was downhill, stop, turn around, straight up hill
  • The 5K run started out uphill and a small section was on a gravel rode
  • The bike and run course could have been marked better
  • The hills
  • I wish I had clipless pedals
For more Midwest Mayhem action, check out Lia's blog.


Allison said...

I'm proud of you for loving your your tummy-tum and letting it out to see the world.

Kristine said...

ARE YOU KIDDING? Your "tummy" looks awesome! Seriously, you look totally strong and inspirational. :)