Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun Links

PrincessLiaK did some fun links on her blog today so I decided to share some of my new discoveries.

  • is sand art on your computer; a great time waster. Just click the little gray box in the left coner to get started.
  • has brainteasers, games and puzzles. There are 2 levels and a game everyday of the month. I enjoy figuring out the puzzle and then challenging D to figure it out. Also good for older kids.
  • Live Mocha has free language lessons; the regular Spanish, French, German but also Hindi, Mandarian Chinese and Icelandic.
  • Kerpoof allows you to make movies, pictures, stories and cards. The site is made for kids but I had fun making the movies.

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Sally Knitz said...

Learning languages online. That looks fun.