Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gudonya Too

My friend introduced me to the Gudonya etsy shop at Christmas with a gift of whipped shave cream. The smell is amazing and it really protects from razor burn. My favorite scent is Tahitian Vanilla-it's so sweet just like Sweet Tarts.

I have been happy with everything that I have ordered from this shop. But my all time favorite thing is the sMOOchy skin bar. This is the instructions from the website:

"Here's how it works.... You take a bath or shower as usual. When you're ready to step out, don't. Just step back out of the water. Rub your sMOOchy all over yourself, then rinse with water only. (If even the salt is too aggressive for you, simply rub the sMOOchy on your hands, then rub your hands on your body.) Step out and dry. That's it! It'll leave your body sMOOchably soft and lightly fragranced. You won't even need any lotion"

It is true, I don't even use lotion on my body after using the bar and the scent is heavenly.
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