Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello Kitty

I got this cute Hello Kitty Sewing Machine for S and I'm saving it for her birthday in March. She enjoys sewing but I'm always I little wary of letting her use my machine because it can be temperamental.

Tomorrow I will be back at school. I haven't gotten much done around here in the month that I was off but I have relaxed a lot. Starting new things always makes me extremely anxious and I spend days walk around wondering what is wrong with me but then I realize I'm starting something new and I always feel this way at the beginning. Unfortunately, knowing (or realizing) that I will feel this way does not help me feel any less anxious.


Princessliak said...

That sewing machine is adorable. I can totally relate to starting new things.. that is why I haven't done much since moving. Change is scary!

Lanora said...

Can't beat Hello Kitty.

Allison said...

i think hello kitty could help me get over my fear of sewing. maybe if you refashionista some new clothes for the new semester it will diffuse some of that anxiety.