Monday, December 15, 2008


This post is for Lia. I haven't talked much about Sally lately. She has mostly outgrown her chewing stage or we have gotten smarter and provided more acceptable things to chew on. She is still learning appropriate guest manner as she gets very excited and jumps on people.

Her main hobby is hanging around the kitchen looking sad and pathetic and hoping someone will drop something. Unfortunately (or fortunately for her) I am quite clumsy and often she gets lucky if I can't grab it before she gets it.

It is too cold for much running or walking but she enjoys playing in the snow outside and will sometimes not want to come in.

She is a good dog, very smart and loving.


Princessliak said...

she is HUGE! but a good dog indeed

Anonymous said...

Dog jumping up is behavior that's easy to fix. When they jump up on you, firmly bring up your knee with enough force to knock them away, while saying a firm "NO." This has to be done every time. The dog learns very quickly not to jump up. With a smart dog it might take a few days. A stupid dog might take a week or two. I've trained this with our two dogs, one smart and one not so smart. Both learned not to do it.