Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Swim with the Sharks

I decided to join the Wichita Area Master Swimmers at WSU. My Swimming 107 teacher is one of the coaches and encouraged me to try it out. I swam 1.5 miles in a little over an hour - the fastest and most I have ever swum.

Swimming is my off season focus because I just need more practice and to clean up my stroke. This was an intense practice for me, my coach was great; she helping me focus on what I need to do to be better. I think my swimming times are going to dramatically improve over the winter.


Anonymous said...

You crazy cat!!! That is amazing, you are amazing. You are now a crazy catfish!

Allison said...

You're gonna start loving swimming now that you're with the masters. You'll get really fast too. Have fun!

Allison said...

What's going on with the meat/no meat switching? I still eat animal based foods sometimes, but I'm just curious what your current thoughts on nutrition are these days. Do you have to take any nutrition classes in your PE degree?